Monday, October 11, 2010

Proof My Methods Work

I was messing around one day and decided to post a video of myself doing some poses. Even though I am out of shape in this video I wanted to show that I stay pretty close to contest condition throughout the year. To really get in shape I would need to 12 weeks. I just wanted to show that my methods work. This video was done 10/11/10. This video was shot pre-workout. I was curious to see what I looked like before I trained. Seeing myself cold is a good indicator of what I need to work on. I am a bit out of shape here, but considering I am sleep deprived and have been out of sync with my training schedule for the past few months (this is due to my baby girl waking up during the night, making sleep difficult), I am still not far away from being where I want to be. It is proof that my methods work. Vince Gironda always told me that a man who knows how to train doesn't need to take drugs. He would always be willing to take off his shirt anytime of year to show that his methods worked. He would say, "let's see those steroid freaks during the off season take off their shirts and see what their award winning bodies look like, fat and bloated. Also, let's see what all the science experts look like." I always admired Vince's challenge and follow that same approach. Let's see the experts of today who are natural take off their shirts to see what their programs have done for them. There are many power lifters that I know that can talk all the science they want but when it comes down to having a good looking physique they look terrible with their shirts off. I don't care about bench pressing 500 pounds, or deadlifting until my nose bleeds, if you look fat and bloated with puffy abdominals like a bull frog then I don't want to follow your program. I have stuck with Vince and my programs for over twenty-four years because they work and they provide the results that I desire. Anyone can write a program, but the proof is in the physique. If you prescribe exercise programs and don't follow them yourself then how can you be credible? I don't want to take advice from some fat dude who's claim to fame is bench pressing a toyota camry. He is a fat dude, plain and simple. I want to learn from someone who actually lives, breaths, and sleeps what he teaches-- true natural bodybuildin. My programs work and that is the bottom line.

This video (even though I am out of shape) proves that I stay pretty close to my peak throughout the year. I don't believe that we have to put on a lot of extra weight during the off-season. I believe that we have to only stay within 5-8 pounds of our contest weight. That is what Vince taught me, and I think he knew what he was talking about.

Also, I challenge the owner of the gym that was built 200 yards from me to take of his shirt to show us what his programs are doing for him. I don't think he would have the same result.


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  1. I only wish I could look like this when I am "out of shape"! Nice work Daryl!

  2. Extremely impressive Daryl! As for your challenge to Quest, no one at Quest has your physique,or your philosophy and practice. I almost worked for them to teach BodyPump and Zumba when they first opened. It is a commercial gym hoping to make a lot of money off of the latest fads that the fitness machine can pump out. Americans buy into it because, deep down, they are desperate to look and feel great. I remember a time when I thought that running was the single best way to burn fat and get toned. I am a fantastic runner but it wasn't until I started lifting weights and training individual muscles with intention that I noticed less fat AND better ability to run. I also noticed that you have the ability to flex your pectorals individually. Ive noticed that my nerve control over muscles has increased a little which has aided me in dance a great deal because being able to control minute and calculated contractions is essential for powerful and/or beautiful movement. Now all I need to do is get your biceps and deltoids! My biceps are easily my weakest and most difficult to train muscle.

    and to the dude that complained about my bare feet. I understand your concern, but I'm the ONLY one going barefoot, everyone else has shoes on, therefore I ASSUME all risk of infection...