Monday, September 26, 2011

inVINCEable The Video Series: NOW ON SALE

The WAIT IS OVER!!!! The inVINCEable Video Series is 

I am very proud of this production and I know that Vince would have been proud of what I have done to preserve what he taught.  This is by far the most elaborate collection of Vince's exercises performed on video.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT ($ 10.00 off)  for those that have purchased inVINCEable the book.  Please email me your name and the promotional code (personal training code) that was sent to you. I will refund your credit card the discount after you have made the purchase. Thank you!

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Concemetric Crunch
Half sit-up
abdominal vacuum
bench knee tucks
frog sit-up
hip roll
mini trampoline
table/ bench crunch
stiff leg raise
serratus dips
ab planche
weighted curl ups

Smith machine calf raise
hack machine seated calf raise
hack machine calf raise
alternating calf raise
smith machine standing calf raise
dumbbell calf raise
seated calf raise
walk off alternating calf raise
donkey calf raise
one and a half smith machine

Hamstring Exercises
dumbbell hamstring curl
bicep femoris hack squat
prone hamstring curl low
prone hamstring curl high

Quadricep exercises
frog squat
dillinger squat
jefferson squat
cable adduction
smith machine frog squat
power leg extension
45 degree hack slide
the famous sissy squat
half lunges
front squat

Bicep exercises
pro bicep curl
standing two arm dumbbell curl
standing alternate dumbbell curl
bentover barbell curl
preacher stand dumbbell curl
preacher stand reverse side dumbbell curl
spider bench curl
high bench prone bicep curls
standing incline bicep curl
bicep pull ups
incline dumbbell curl
lat pulldown bicep curl
incline alternating dumbbell curl

seated 90 degree posterior raise
high bench laterals
seated lateral raise
kosloff lateral raise
dumbbell alternating press
dumbbell circle
dumbbell upright row
dumbbell side swing zorros
dumbbell press and negative lateral
scott shoulder press
barbell upright row
clean and press
military barbell press
smith front and back shoulder press
dip stand shoulder press
alternate front raise
dumbbell incline lateral raise
power posterior dumbbel raise

off bench barbell wrist curl
hammer curl
squatting wrist curl
reverse body drag
reverse preacher forearm cul
zottman curl

seated tricep overhead extension
one arm power extension
tricep bench dip
high bench tricep kickback
tricep pullover and press
pulley power pushdown
tricep elbows wide pushdown
narrow grip neck press
elbows wide pressdown

Back Exercises
45 degree row
low cable strap row
low prone row
mid cable strap row
strap alternating row
high cable row
short pulley row
raciing dive lat pulls
one arm cable row
seated lat pulldown
overhead pulldown
scapula rotation
daryl's speciall pulldown
alternating dumbbell bentover row
bentover row head on bench
high bench row
high bench dumbbell row
head on bench dumbbell row
long pulley row
low lying prone lat pull
mid cable bar row
wide grip pull ups
v-bar pull ups
medium grip chins

Chest Exercises
Decline dumbbell scoop
neck press on decline bench
incline dumbbell press
dumbbell flies on flat bench
incline dumbbell fly
neck press
the gironda dip
Fulcrum push up
pulley crossover
vince's ring chest fly
decline cable fly

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