Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 Ways To Reduce Obesity

1. Get Control of Your Emotions.
Stress is one of the biggest contributors to fat gain. Stress causes the endrocrine system to over work to the point of adrenal exhaustion. The adrenals secrete corticosteroids, and catecholamines, cortisol and adrenaline. These water soluble hormones can become over produced to the point that they are no longer secrete compromising the adrenals. This causes a shift in the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight mechanism. The body becomes severely fatigued, and lethargic. The immune system cannot keep up with the high cortisol levels in the blood and this causes an increase in hunger hormone limiting factors. The end result is the fat cells become bigger and bigger. Fat is not released and this causes fat gain (obesity). Also, free radicals increase in the blood. High levels of free radicals can result in the demise of the immune system. Poor functioning immunity will result in illness or disease.

Emotional stress will cause many things to happen in the body. By controlling emotional stress you keep the systems of the body in balance and this will promote growth and healing. The healthier a person can remain the lesser the chance of becoming diseased, ill or obese.

2. Exercise Correctly
So many people are exercising wrong. Americans are taught that they must exercise with great intensity, long duration and frequent. The "all or nothing" attitude has been adopted by most everyone. This is a downfall for anyone who exercises. The problem is that people are not educated correctly about the amount of exercise that is needed to produce a result. Did you know that 85% of all programs for losing weight is diet and 15% is exercise. Yet, for most people they exercise 85% and eat 15%. Overtraining produces nothing but sympathetic stress. Why is it that so many people exercise and never see results? Because they are not training correctly. They continue to do the same things over and over without seeing results. They end up sore and lame for weeks on end in hopes that by killing themselves in an exercise program that they will magically see results. There is a very simple approach to looking the best you can. That is where I come in. I can design you an accurate program that will give you the results you desire. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REMAIN DISCIPLINED TO IT!!! Stop wasting time overtraining or under training. Get on an exercise program that is right for you. Not everyone should be doing cardiovascular training for hours and hours or lifting hundreds of pounds to lose weight. There is a simple formula that I use and it works. If you need help contact me.

3. Get Your Sleep
You must sleep 6-8 hours soundly per night. Sleep is when you release growth factors that help your cells regenerate, repair and re synthesize. Not getting enough sleep will activate the sympathetic system and you will begin to release cortisol which will ultimately cause weight gain.

4. Eating Healthy
I am tired of hearing people come up to me with all their crazy dietary habits expecting to get results. If you want to eat junk then go ahead don't bother coming to the gym and wasting my time. I am sorry if vegetables taste poorly--DEAL with it. close your nose if you have to, I don't care what you have to do, eat your vegetables. Eat your protein, essential fatty acids, long chain low glycemic carbohydrates. AVOID ALL JUNK FOOD if you want to see a change in your body. You must digest your food completely. Inhaling your food and not chewing will produce stress to the body. When the body is under stress, stress chemicals are released reducing nutrient uptake. Eat healthy. If you need help contact me.

5. Don't Drink Alcohol, do drugs or Smoke, Drink Coffee
These pollutants destroy the cells and will reduce fat burning. Alcohol kills the mitochondria of the cells. The mitochondria is the power house of the cell. It is where ATP (adenosintriphosphate) is produced. ATP is the energy compound that the body has to have to live. Destroying the mitochondria will weaken the body's energy systems. Smoking kills vitamin B and C causing the CNS to be depressed and increasing infections, colds. Coffee destroys intestinal lining and good bacteria. Coffee reduces fat burning effect. Coffee increase sympathetic response.

So there you have 5 ways to reduce obesity. If you have questions regarding your body please contact me via email.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Obesity and Libido

Fat cells inhibit the release of hormones that promote libido sensitivity. The hypothalamus controls the release of corticotropin releasing hormone. When released CRH activates the pituitary gland which then releases adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH). ACTH travels to the adrenal glands and activates the release of Cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that inhibits cell metabolism. When cortisol is high in the system it inhibits the uptake of cholesterol to enter in the cells. The reproductive organs of the female and the testis of the man do not get the required cholesterol to help boost the testosterone effects needed to promote a healthy sex drive. In fact, estrogen and progesterone levels drop for the female. This can cause a loss of menstrual regularity and can influence the risk of developing disease or cancer. For men the low level of testosterone can influence a higher level of estrogen. Over time this can promote dysfunction of the prostrate and can cause cancer. Cholesterol is necessary for proper functioning of the sexual organs and physiological systems. Also, with high levels of cortisol in the system chances are that serotonin levels are low. Serotonin is the "Happy Hormone" that helps regulate the central nervous system. When there is a low level of serotonin in the body then the central nervous system is depressed. Depression will also cause a release of cortisol. Many obese people suffer from central nervous depression. Cortisol inhibits fat metabolism increasing size and number of fat cells. It is a viscous cycle that tends to perpetuate as long as a person adheres to endocrine limiting factors such as; eating sugars, alcohols, trans fats, being stressed, depressed, anxious, not eating enough healthy fat and cholesterol. Overall, a person who is suffering from a low libido is most likely setting off a cascade of hormonal sequences that force inhibition of the reproductive organs. The more fat cells a person obtains the lesser the desire to have sex. This can all be reversed by reducing the increase in fat cells and nourishing the body to help keep cortisol stabilized.

If you are interested in learning more about this and many other topics on nutrition and health please email me your name and I will keep you posted on the release of my new book "Diet Earth: Complete Nutrition For The Human Species.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Corporate Monster Comes To Kennebunk

I am tired of hearing about the new gym that is being built 200 yards from my facility. Every day someone asks me " Have you heard about the new gym being built behind you, what are you going to do about it?" I say to them, NOTHING. What am I supposed to do. I don't have a network of doctors and million dollar investors and developers at my disposal like they have. I am just one man who is living his dream of owning a wellness education center. I started Fitness Nut Enterprises 11 years ago here in Kennebunk, Maine. I was newly wed and my wife and I chose Kennebunk to be our home to have a family and to have our kids go through the school system in Kennebunk. I took out a small business loan and opened up my own personal training facility. Immediately the need for my service grew. I expanded 3 times to bigger spaces within the first three years. During this time I developed many successful programs and helped many people lower their cholesterol, get off blood pressure medications, control diabetes, get off depression medication, reduce body fat and increase lean body mass, improve flexibility, and reduce stress. Now we are entering into our 11th year and I am faced with a corporate machine being built behind me.

I am just a small local business providing an honest, hard working ethical service to the community of Kennebunk. I realize that the new place will have fancy architecture, a swimming pool, saunas, elaborate locker rooms, fancy weight machines with computerized non-personal systems, cookie cutter commercialized fitness classes. I have been in this business a long time and I have seen all the bells and whistles. A gym can have all the bells and whistles they want to sell to members but the bottom line is FANCY MACHINES AND GIMMICKS DON'T DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR BODY. How you use the equipment and the correct exercise prescription and nutrition plan is key. I don't need all the fancy equipment if I did need it I would have purchased it. My programs are unique and cannot be duplicated because they come out of my head. They are not cookie cutter, they are not commercialized, they are strictly my creations and I have seen unbelievable results with them. My knowledge in the field of exercise science and nutrition is unmatched to anyone around. I will go head to head with any owner of a gym, any medical board, or any other fitness expert any day to discuss my theories. My concepts and philosophy in exercise science and nutrition are not taught in books or universities. I don't want to invest thousands of dollars into having fancy architecture or saunas, or whirlpools because I don't own my space. I rent it. If I put those services into the business they wouldn't belong to me they would become property of the land lord. There is no reason to do it.

I have learned my knowledge from studying, researching and experimenting on myself for over 26 years. I live, eat and breath exercise and nutrition. This is my passion and it is all do. I guarantee that when the owners of Quest Fitness go home they no longer think about the business. They have their posh house with their 911 porsche parked in the drive way and are only concerned with what outfit they are going to wear to dinner. They are not pioneers in fitness they are only business men who have deep pockets and think that they can buy up everything and everyone. This is not the case with me. After working from 5:00a.m. to 6/7 p.m. I go home play with my kids for a bit. Then I go right back to work. I write programs for my clients and I develop new concepts in fitness, and I write a few pages of my new book "Diet Earth". I might be naive about the happenings of the world (politics, ect) But there is one thing I am not naive in and that is EXERCISE SCIENCE, THE HUMAN BODY AND NUTRITION. I think about it all day and dream about it all night. I am constantly thinking of new routines and ways to help people lose body fat. People can go else where I can't control those folks that need to have saunas, and whirpools and so on. What I provide is something more than any piece of equipment can ever do. I offer my knowledge to those who want it. Over the years I have short sold myself on cost because I just want to help people out. There have been many times when I couldn't take home a pay check because I had to pay my employees first and rent. People think that because a person owns a business that they are wealthy. Well, I am not. I just love what I do and want everyone to be healthy and fit. I have helped many people in this community and have made great friends and long lasting relationships.

Being the underdog is nothing new to me. I have been in this role many times before. Adversity gives me strength and intestinal fortitude. There is nothing that a big corporation can offer in terms of knowledge that I don't or can't offer to anyone. The frustrating thing for me is that many people that are members of my facility don't have any idea what I can do for them. They are stuck in the "standard membership" mentality. They just want a place to work out. They don't ever want me to help them out. No one asks me questions which I can not understand why. I am always offering free advice and I even give invitations for people to email me their questions. I want to help people that is why I opened this business.

I thank all of you who have supported me and the Fitness Nut House over the years. And I hope that I can continue to meet your expectations and always be your place for fitness and nutrition education.

Lastly, I would just like to say that small business has been the corner stone of America for hundreds of years. But with the emergence of big corporations the idea of small business is becoming extinct. I hope that people can see the value of supporting a small local business and do not support the corporate monsters that want to wipe small businesses out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Becoming A Father is One My Greatest Accomplishments on Earth

Does Swimming Burn Fat?

If you ever see an aqua fitness class you will notice that no one taking the class is lean and has muscular definition. This is because the body is more buoyant in water. The body floats in water and this regulates muscle metabolism (cooling effect). Fat is not released at high rates because the body is not working as hard as it would if it were on land. In order to get burn fat it is essential that the body be placed under resistive forces that feature both eccentric and concentric contractions. The concentric contraction is responsible for the shortening of the muscle, the eccentric contraction is the lengthening effect of the muscle. It is during the eccentric contraction that most strength gains are developed. The eccentric contraction producing great fatigue to the muscle if performed slowly and deliberately. In order to force new growth patterns to create new muscle tissue the muscle tissue must be broken down. Most of the damage to muscle is produced during the eccentric contraction. The concentric contraction produces a breakdown of muscle but it produces a greater endurance to force. This is why swimmers can sustain longer durations swimming laps. If they were working eccentric contractions in addition to concentric contractions they would not be able to last as long. They have stored energy in the muscle that would normally be used for the eccentric contraction

I have never seen a swimmer have the muscularity of a sprinter or a bodybuilder. The only ones that seem to have muscular development from swimming are the hard core olympic level competitors. Even these athletes don't look like a land athlete like a world class sprinter. The swimmers body is more smooth in definition and the muscles appear long and stringy. The fatter a person is the more buoyant they are and this makes it very hard to metabolize off any fat. It is like wearing floaties and expecting to lose fat. Swimming does provide a nice therapeutic effect for the joints and also provides a nice stress release, and it is a good cardiovascular exercise. But to use a pool to lose body fat is a waste of time. You are must better off performing exercises on land that require resistance. Weight training is the greatest fat burner of all. So before you enroll in an aqua fitness class you might want to consider entering a program that is going to actually change your body composition. Pools just don't match up.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't Burn Lean Muscle Tissue

The body's first choice for fuel is stored glycogen (blood sugar). After the glycogen has been depleted, the body must obtain more glucose to keep its nervous system operating. At this point, an inactive, under fed body will turn to protein, its own lean muscle mass, to feed its basal metabolic rate.

Many dieters believe the body will burn fat as its alternative source of energy. This is wrong. At this stage, fat stores are of no use to the nervous system.

Here's why. The nervous system and brain are the central controllers in the body. They can also use glucose (blood sugar) as fuel, and it is imperative that they find fuel. The muscle and organs may use fat as fuel, but the nervous system cannot. Also, the body possesses no enzymes that can convert fat to glucose. The body does, however, have enzymes that convert protein to glucose.

So, if fuel is not available, the body converts its own muscle mass into glucose to feed its nervous system and metabolism. In fact, if the body were to continue to consume its lean tissue unchecked, with no other fuel sources, death would ensure within a few weeks. After all, not only skeletal muscle, but also the liver, heart muscle, lung tissue, blood cells -- all vital tissues -are being burned as fuel.