Tuesday, November 24, 2009

L-Carnitine Before and After Workouts

L-Carnitine is a vitamin like nutrient related to the vitamin-B family and is a physiological substance essential for energy production. This process takes place in the mitochondria inside the cell. L-Carnitine is actually responsible for the transportation of fatty acids into the cell.

The richest natural sources of L-Carnitine are meats such as sheep, lamb, and beef. A great source of L-Carnitine is my liquid carnitine. It bypasses the liver to get into the blood stream quickly. Put one tablespoon in your water before and during workouts and then consume one tablespoon after workouts. It is a safe and effective way to improve fat burning during the thermogenic effect. L-carnitine is just another way of maximizing your physiology to burn the fat.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Train Hard, Burn Fat, Look Great

As well as duration, intensity plays an important role in the efficiency fat-metabolism during exercise. In general, the percentage of energy contributed by fat diminishes as the intensity of exercise increases.

Fat can only be broken down in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen serves as the catalyst that enables proteins and enzymes of the body to burn fat during an exercise metabolism.

The heart and lungs can provide only so much oxygen-- so fast. When muscle exertion is so great that the demand for energy outstrips the oxygen supply, the body cannot process oxygen fast enough. Therefore the body cannot burn fat. Instead, it reverts back to anaerobic metabolism and burns more glucose. This is present in weight training. However, the true benefit comes after weight training when you are resting. The oxygen supply in the muscle is high because of the work that was done anaerobically. The increase in oxygen also brings in more fat to the muscle. This thermogenic effect can last between 2-6 hours after a weight training session.

Exercise is only a metabolic booster. You will never gain muscle or lose fat in a gym. You gain muscle and lose fat after the workout session during the rest phase. I see time and time again people trying to lose all their weight in one month. They exercise for hours and never seem to make progress. These folks lack the ability to reason. I guess they think that they are made up differently than the rest of us and seem to be able to go against basic human physiology???? All I know is that they look the same today as they did 6 months ago. They lack the understanding of how to exercise, eat and REST to change their body. It is as if they are zombie's staring into the abyss, empty, unconscious and vacant. I don't know about you all but when I train hard I want to see the rewards. Train hard, train with short duration, eat and rest. Train correctly and you will see unbelievable results. There is nothing more gratifying in the sport of bodybuilding to see the muscles get defined from the exercises. If I don't see results I will invent ways to make the muscle fire off to get the effect I am looking for. Train with high intensity, burn sugar, then go home rest and burn up tons of fat. I love the thermogenic effect I get from training. When I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I see the rewards from proper training, dieting and resting. I can see changes in my physique almost on a daily basis, it is fantastic. There is a formula to to looking great. I teach it every day at my gym. The Fitness Nut House. www.thefitnessnut.com.

Daryl Conant

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Myths

Here are the myths of exercise and nutrition that I think you all should know.

* Eating eggs will increase your internal cholesterol levels? NOT TRUE. Eggs contain the healthy cholesterol that the body needs to maintain proper health. In fact, the egg is the most complete food on the planet.

• Eating saturated fats will clog your arteries and cause a heart attack? NOT TRUE. The body is designed to break down animal fats and can metabolize the hydrogen atoms rather well. It is not saturated fat that causes problems it is the hydrogenated, trans-fatty acid, and damaged fats that cause a problem.

• Eating a low fat diet will protect from having high cholesterol in the blood? NOT TRUE. Eating a high carbohydrate diet without the essential fat will result in an increase in internal cholesterol levels. When the body is getting in enough dietary fat it helps turn off the production of internal cholesterol.

• Exercising on treadmill is the best way to burn fat? NOT TRUE. Weight training is the greatest fat burner of all.

• Leg Raises are an abdominal exercise? NOT TRUE. They are 95% hip flexor. Not enough abdominal activation.

• To get benefit from exercise you have to exercise for 45 minutes to an hour? NOT TRUE. Growth hormone levels plummet after 30 minutes.

• Anyone over the age of 50 cannot receive benefits from weight training? NOT TRUE. Everyone can receive benefits from weight training no matter what age. It is very important to lift weight as we age to help maintain as much muscle as possible. Also, weight training helps boost hormone levels.

• In order to develop big biceps it is important not to perform too many abdominal exercises? TRUE. Over working the abdominals will cause a decrease in growth hormone levels making the biceps small.

• Weight training can help promote bone growth and help slow down the osteoporosis effect? TRUE weight training can help improve bone cell migration.

• Nutrition is the greatest way to change body composition. TRUE. You can exercise all you want but without proper nutritional support your time is wasted if you are trying to change the look of your body.

• 90% of all women obsess about their weight and how they look? TRUE. Most women are extremely focused on their looks and how they look in a mirror and in clothes.

• Over 75% of all Americans are obese. TRUE. America is the fattest country in the world. Congratulations!!! I would like to give a big shout out to our beloved food manufacturing companies. Thank you all for making America the fattest country in the world. Keep up the good work in destroying the American body.

• A daily mulit-vitamin is required for all people. TRUE. The earth is being depleted of essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, we have to take in vitamins in pill form. Sad but true.

• Poor digestion can make you sick and fat. TRUE. improper digestion exchange of vital nutrients will deprive the body and cause illness.

• I can learn more about nutrition in Daryl's new book Diet Earth coming out soon. TRUE. You can learn more about myths and nutritional support in my new book. I am working on the last couple of chapters and will be having it out soon. Stay tuned.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lost in Cellular Complacency

I always find it amazing that people get accolades when they lose weight. People praise a person when they look good. They never praise a person when they look bad. This reinforcement of positive feedback is why so many people force themselves to exercise. They look good as long as they keep up with the exercise program. However, many people fall back into poor habits and end up having to do it all over again. I find this process of constantly battling going from fat to thin a paradox in the human experience. I don't believe the that body was designed to constantly be fluctuating in weight. If the person was fit then the need to be over consumed about having to lose weight would go away. They would have more time to improve other areas of their being. Humans should not have to constantly fight their weight. I believe that a person can be fit their whole life as long as they stay disciplined to it. Once you are fit and look the way you want, you should be able to stay that same size for most of your life. In fact, once you get in the best condition your genetics and age will allow you don't have exercise as much. Those that exercise for hours are not in the fit condition that is optimal to maintain their weight. They have to exercise for long periods, because they feel that this will in some way transform their body. But this only deters them from their goal.

I don't get the mentality of getting out of shape. It seems that people join a health club for the sole purpose of losing weight. There aren't too many people that I come in contact with that ever say that they exercise to better themselves as a human being. If it wasn't for the idea of dropping pounds of fat then I don't think many people would exercise. How many people reading this blog are actually enhancing their life through the use of exercise and dietary means? How many of you are actually wanting to experience greater levels of consciousness through the use of exercise? How many of you just want to workout unconsciously without any idea how to train in hopes to see results? I don't get the mentality of this country. People are so fixated on the body image idea that they tend to lose focus on the main purpose here on Earth. Those that only care about using exercise as a way of dropping a few extra pounds are doomed for failure in their physical transformation. The body, mind and spirit are all interconnected. When we only exercise in one dimension we become unfit in the other areas. This makes for an imbalance. I call the people who are stuck in their conscious development as "lost in cellular complacency". They become stagnant in their human body and are no longer striving to become something greater than they currently are.

Who really wants help? No one is talking about ways to improve upon all the other systems of the body. They are only concerned with losing fat and having people take notice of how thin they are. The physical realm of existence is the easiest to understand because it is always present in our eyes. However the real development and challenge lies within the deeper corners of how brain. This is something I strive to enhance. I am a teacher in the development of the "Whole" body not just fat loss. We have only just begun to tap into our inner greatness as humans. For some folks they will be lost in cellular complacency forever.