Thursday, January 29, 2009

Training Intensity

The key to creating a great looking physique is using the correct amount of intensity. Intensity is measured by the effort that you perform each exercise. I often see people working out at my gym with no intensity or vigor at all. They are simply going through the motions. They aren't doing enough to invoke any type of adaptive stimulation to stress the muscle tissue. In order to see a change in the body is important to work at an intensity of 85% or greater to influence the muscles to fight for the contraction. It is during this struggle that the neuromuscular system changes. The more muscle that you can engage the more breakdown of the tissue occurs. Over time this will force the muscles to adapt into a new pattern of strength. The more muscle you can activate the bigger the aerobic and anaerobic enzymes of the muscles get, which means that you will be able to burn more sugar and fat. Increasing lean body mass while losing body fat is the key to of having a great looking physique. When you train you need to produce a struggle with the muscle without compromising form. People have a tough time going into the pain zone because they are afraid. Fear will limit your gains. You must face the pain with intense pleasure and attack each and every rep as if it was your last. Make every rep count, wasted reps means wasted time. Choosing the right weight is important. I don't care if you are only lifting 10 pounds if the muscle is struggling and working hard then that is the correct weight. Never compromise form. Challenge yourself and reap the benefits of having a great looking physique. Nothing comes easy-- Train with vigor.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Economic Crises What A Bunch of Malarky

I must say I am tired of hearing about the economic crises.  I was watching the news today and President Obama wants to pass a 825 billion dollar stimulus package to the states governments.  I wonder how much of that money we the people will actually see?  Now let's look at this for just a minute. Our country has probably 1 billion people.  So, what would happen if the government gave each American in the country a stimulus check to get us out of our financial burdens.  They would have money left over to save.   Depending on age and work status I feel that 10,000 to 100,000 should be given out.  If small business is the backbone of America shouldn't all small business owners get financial relief?  It doesn't make sense to give state government billions of dollars while the small business owners in those states are struggling.  I am outraged at this.  If small business gets squeezed out of society then we are all in a lot of trouble.  I would think that the boys in Washington would understand this.  Help those that work hard to keep this country together.  Support those that play by the rules and are honest, hard working, Americans that still believe in the American dream.  If you weaken the foundation of a building the building will collapse. Giving money to the greedy power mongers of government while leaving small business owners fending for themselves is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD.

Just think about this for a minute.  If the people got a stimulus check to pay off their mortgage and credit cards then the banks would get their money and this would spark a huge financial shift in the economy.  Houses would be paid off, people would have less debt, credit cards would be paid off giving banks their money.  If everyone had tremendously less debt then they would be happier and encouraged to want to spend within reason.  Along with the stimulus check I would recommend that those people that are in severe debt go through financial counseling before being able to cash their stimulus check to make sure they are able to handle the responsibility.   I am just an Exercise Physiologist, what do I know?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Curse of Bodybuilding

When ever I tell people I bodybuild I am immediately put into a stereotypical model and am treated with less respect than if I told them I just exercise with weights. Among Americans it appears that bodybuilders are viewed as unintelligent, over testosterone driven, primitive neandrathal, steroid pumping freaks. Though this stereotype is pretty close to what is seen in most gyms across America, it doesn't mean that everyone who bodybuilds is a dumb, unconscious, primitive being. Believe it or not there are actually good guys out there that are intelligent, strong, ripped, and live a healthy life without taking drugs. I started weight lifting when I was twelve years old. Weight training helped me excel in my favorite sport-- baseball. I trained deligently for years and enjoyed all the benefits I received in and out of the gym. I noticed my body changing dramitically right before my eyes. When you train right and know how to eat correctly you feel a sense of well being that can not be duplicated by drugs or anything else. The self gratification of succeeding each workout is a big boost to self esteem. As well as, the health benefits are incredible. I competed in my first bodybuilding contest when I was 18 years old and did well. I competed not for the vanity of strutting my stuff on stage in a skimpy swim suit. I competed because I wanted to over come my fear of being in front of large crowds. I knew that if I was going to do well in college and life I had to overcome my fear of being in front of people for public speaking. I decided that I had confidence in body and that I could start with that. Bodybuilding contests helped me overcome my social fear. To me bodybuilding has never been about building an enormous ego or to show off among my peers for acceptance. To me bodybuilding is a lifestyle (a religion if you will) that I adopted and adhere to. I have dedicated my whole life to the pursuit of health and the preservation of creating positive energy in a world that is so negative. Unfortunately, our country has shifted into an unmoralistic, no values, hateful, junk food eating, drug abusing, primitive intelligence, Atheisitic, unconscious society. It is extremely hard for an individual to go through this life without resorting to negative behavior in some form. Junk food and drugs rule the land. If you are not apart of this negative world then you are considered abnormal or a freak. It takes tremendous strength and discipline to remain positive in today's society. This is very symbolic to what True Natural Bodybuilding is all about. As a True Natural Bodybuilder with a conscience, I , believe in the good of man and want to preserve the essence of the human experience in a healthy way not a medicated way. In my teen years I was alienated from my "friends" because I wanted to play sports and workout instead of doing drugs. I thought that after graduating high school that people would accept my way of life. I was wrong. People always try to tear down anything that is good in person. This is what our country is all about nowadays. So, when a person wants to take care of themselves in a positive way other people become jealous and frustrated with that. Misery loves company. Insecure people can't handle seeing positive people succeed. If someone looks good they are ridicule for looking too good. They are automatically labeled as conceeded, pretentious, shallow. Even if the person doesn't bother anyone and minds their own business they are still persecuted. Bodybuilding has become a way of pushing through all the garbage that people and this society has to offer. It is a way of keeping the true essence of the human experience alive and well. I have been cursed with bodybuilding. Because I have learned too much about how to take care of the body through exercise and nutrition that I can no longer relate to the common person who is always searching for the next greatest magical pill for changing their mind and/or body. It is hard to not live healthy once you have reaped the benefits of living a healthy life. Another problem is that if a guy with muscles works out in a tank top or sleeveless shirt they are viewed as "show offs" or "muscle heads". Or people will suggest that the guy is on steroids. It is better to wear a baggy shirt while working out rather than be looked at under the microscope of an ignorant gym peer.The curse of a bodybuilder is the fact they we cannot share our views and philosophy with people because we will be scrutinized and made fun of. The collective intelligence of America is not progressing it is regressing back into the primitive stages of life. All I can do is forge ahead and try to create as much positivity physically and emotionally. That is what True Natural Bodybuilding does for me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Blog

Welcome to the Fitness Nut House blog. Please check back each week to read new information about nutrition and exercise. I hope that you will enjoy the content. Feel free to email me your questions and I will be sure to get back to you.