Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Economic Crises What A Bunch of Malarky

I must say I am tired of hearing about the economic crises.  I was watching the news today and President Obama wants to pass a 825 billion dollar stimulus package to the states governments.  I wonder how much of that money we the people will actually see?  Now let's look at this for just a minute. Our country has probably 1 billion people.  So, what would happen if the government gave each American in the country a stimulus check to get us out of our financial burdens.  They would have money left over to save.   Depending on age and work status I feel that 10,000 to 100,000 should be given out.  If small business is the backbone of America shouldn't all small business owners get financial relief?  It doesn't make sense to give state government billions of dollars while the small business owners in those states are struggling.  I am outraged at this.  If small business gets squeezed out of society then we are all in a lot of trouble.  I would think that the boys in Washington would understand this.  Help those that work hard to keep this country together.  Support those that play by the rules and are honest, hard working, Americans that still believe in the American dream.  If you weaken the foundation of a building the building will collapse. Giving money to the greedy power mongers of government while leaving small business owners fending for themselves is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD.

Just think about this for a minute.  If the people got a stimulus check to pay off their mortgage and credit cards then the banks would get their money and this would spark a huge financial shift in the economy.  Houses would be paid off, people would have less debt, credit cards would be paid off giving banks their money.  If everyone had tremendously less debt then they would be happier and encouraged to want to spend within reason.  Along with the stimulus check I would recommend that those people that are in severe debt go through financial counseling before being able to cash their stimulus check to make sure they are able to handle the responsibility.   I am just an Exercise Physiologist, what do I know?

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