Thursday, July 30, 2009

Changing The Stimulus

In order to keep the muscles in a constant state of growth it is important to change the stimulus on a regular basis. One of the greatest failures in training is not knowing how or when to change the routine. If you are constantly performing the same rep and set scheme for months on end your muscles will adapt to the stimulus. When the muscle adapts to the stimulus the physiology of the cell becomes stagnant. The enzymes begin to shrink. Fat storage increases.

Here are my recommendations:

* Change the exercise routine every 3 weeks.
* Incorporate special routine techniques to increase (shock) stimulation.
* Avoid performing too many exercises per muscle group.
* Take less rest periods between sets. You should only need 6 deep breaths in between sets.
* Add weight to the bar once a week.
* Workout no longer than 40 minutes
* Avoid performing too many abdominal exercises. example, 1000 sit-ups.
* Avoid leg raises for developing abdominals
* Make the exercise as challenging as possible. If it is easy it isn't doing anything. Find a way to make it harder.
* Maintain proper nitrogen levels.

I am always amazed at how many people have no idea what they are doing when it comes to exercise. So many people are wasting their time and don't even know it. The reason for their failure is the following:

* Ignorant about how the body works; Muscle metabolism, fat metabolism
* Overtraining
* Not eating correctly
* Emotionally over stressed
* No goals
* Not lifting enough resistance to stimulate muscle tissue to breakdown
* Not recovering correctly
* Not getting enough sleep
* Drinking Alcohol, Smoking
* Over stimulating with Caffeine
* Not knowing how to perform correct movement patterns for each muscle
* Lack motivation (go through the motions)
* Lack discipline
* Afraid of good pain

If anyone has any questions regarding their training program I offer a monthly personal training program for $ 25.00. You will get my professional advice on training, nutrition, and exercise prescription. It is a great way to start seeing results and stop wasting time exercising incorrectly. If you are interested please go to my website and click on personal training in the tab menu.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Food Industry

I am appalled at how food companies are destroying the health of Americans. I get fired up when I talk about food companies during my seminars because I don't know how they can continue to poison the American people. There seems to be no regulation on the amount of pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals, steroids, exocitotoxins, preservatives that food companies use on food. America has spent trillions of dollars on research for cancer, yet have not found a cure. I say all they have to do is take all the money raised for research and start attacking the food companies because the stuff they are using is CAUSING CANCER IN HUMANS!!!!!!!!! I am not crazy, all you have to do is look at the ingredients of the food you eat and you will find at least one or more preservatives that are known to cause cancer and brain disorders in humans. One example is MSG (monosodiumglutamate) an excocitotoxin that causes the death of brain neurons. Most people think that Chinese fast food only contains this dangerous compound. However, there are hundreds of products that you buy at the grocery store that has this compound in it. Ranch dressing contains MSG, and millions of people are pouring it all over their salad believing that they are making a healthy choice. This is only one compound that is causing people to get sick. I am writing a book entitled " Diet Earth: A Complete Guide to Healthy Nutrition for Humans." In it I will be discussing in depth all the dangerous compounds that you will be shocked to find out is in our foods. Also, I will be discussing the dangers of poor dieting and how it can effect your well being, physical and psychological. Then I will have complete meal plans for you to follow so that you are eating optimally and less dangerously. If you are interested in this book and would like to be notified of its release. Please email me at

I am outraged!!!! People are more in protest of the Iraq war than they are of the killing of Americans by food companies. There are more people dying from heart disease in this country than any war, yet no one is standing up against it. The health system in America is failing because there are just too many people getting sick. Doesn't anyone ever wonder why there are so many sick people in this country ? Well it could be related to the food we consume. It is unbelievable to think that we have to actually pay $ 5.00 for a bell pepper that is grown without pesticides as opposed to buying a 1.40 bell pepper that is ladened with pesticides. Most Americans can't afford to eat healthy so they buy what they think is good and cheap only to find out that the chemicals that they are ingesting are slowly killing them. This is an absolute outrage.

Look at all the kids who are taking drugs to calm their brains down. Prozac is being prescribed to kids who are suffering from anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorders at the age of 10 years old. This is considered absolutely normal. Are you kidding me? DId you know that the chemicals in soda attribute to overstimulation of the brain neurons causing hyperactivity in children? Yet, parents continue to let their kids drink the stuff. There is a huge correlation to food and how we behave. Unfortunately, most of the chemicals are taking over and winning. PUre nutrients are being disregarded and diluted. I could go on and on. It is very scary knowing what I know about the food companies. i don't mean to frighten anyone, I just think people should know the truth of what is happening to their bodies when consuming the pollutants that is in our food.

Again, anyone interested in the book DIET EARTH. Please email me to let me know. Thank you for your support.

Cletus Take The Reel

Monday, July 13, 2009

Redirecting Conscious Thought Patterns To Become A Better Being

There is so much more in this world than what we see. Living life unconscious is the easy way out. The unconscious soul lives life in fear. They follow the herd mentality and will not stray for fear of being persecuted. Those that stray from the herd are the ones that pave the way into a new frontier of our existence. If these crusaders never challenged their own consciousness then we would still be primitive beings fending for ourselves like wild animals. However, their is always the resistance that accompanies a person that breaks from stalemate thinking. When someone is stricken with a sudden urge to go against the norm they are embarking on a journey of isolation and alienation. In order to break into a new frontier they must accept the fact that they can never go back to where they were in terms of conscious sleeping. When they awake they become beacons shedding new light on an old and stagnant existence. A shift in consciousness is a powerful thing. The more you become aware the harder it becomes to relate to vacant minds. The conscious soul does not hide behind a facade of commercialized hoopla created by unconscious minds that pacifies and brainwashes.

There is an old song that states, " I was blind, now I see" is directly related to the awakening of the human spirit. I feel that we are all asleep until awoken, we are all bind until we see. Some people never wake up. Our reality system seems to be based on the majority of souls that are asleep. Those that are awake have to try to fit into a lost level of instability, knowing darn well that there is a greater meaning to life than what can be seen. Unfortunately, those that are awake might never get to experience the true life on Earth and have to wait to pass onto the next dimension to truly be free to release the inner power from within.

Developing greater universal intelligence is a continuous process for anyone willing to open up to it. Once you enter the higher realms you can never go back to being the ignorant, passive, soul just drifting around on Earth with no direction or passion. I feel that we all posses a greater sense of awareness and purpose. It all depends if you want to open up to a whole new way of thinking and redirecting conscious thought patterns to become a better being. Everyone on Earth has the opportunity to wake up before they die. Those that never awaken leave Earth giving nothing when they die. They are empty souls living in a shell suffering with their own existence. Those that are awake during their life never see the darkness of death and give more than they realize when they die. There is nothing more powerful than the memory of a bright light shining in time of darkness. Turn your light on and begin to realize your true potential.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009


In order to achieve greater gains it is important to progress frequently.  When a new stimulus is placed on the muscle it has to learn to adapt. Once it adapts then the neural sequence lowered in intensity causing a plateau.  If you never change the stimulus you won't continue to see a change.  There are different ways to progress.  1.  Adding more weight, 2. Adding more reps, 3. Decreasing rest periods, 4.  Slowing the movement down, 5.  Supersetting, 6.  Mixed Bag Training, 

1. Obviously, the easiest way to increase more resistance to the muscle is to up the weight.  However, there will be a cut off to how much weight you can ultimately lift.  If you possibly can not lift any more weight then you must change up the way the weight is being used. Choose from the next 5 methods to help you progress.

2.  Add more reps to the set.  Adding another 1 or 2 reps at the end of the set will force new growth patterns and get you out of a rep.  You are shocking the system and forcing the muscle to stay on longer than it is used to.  This is a great to do if you have a trainer because they will force you do another rep even though you don't want to do it.  Your body has to fight for it which changes stimulus pattern.

3.  Take less rest between each set.  Take 6 deep breaths and then continue onto the next set. Don't waste time talking to people around you in between sets this will cause a hormone depletion and force blood out of the area.  You have to be in the "zone" without distractions.  The breath you use talking could be used for the intensity during the lift.  

4. Here is a method that is guaranteed to force new growth. Take the weight that you are used to and then go super slow both the concentric and eccentric movement.  You will be amazed at how hard this is. You want to count 6 seconds on the eccentric, and 6 seconds on the concentric.  You might have to decrease the weight for the next sets because you want to maintain good form with cheating.  Go slow to grow.

5.  Supersetting is fast way to blast the muscle.  Go from one exercise to the next without resting.  You could do a dip followed by an incline bench.  Or a latpulldown followed by a seated row.  Or you could do a dip followed by a latpulldown, or a bicep curl followed by a tricep exercise.   The key is to go back an forth without rest.

6. MIxed Bag Training this is a method that I use. I sorta made up my own ways of stimulating the muscle during different routines.  After training for over 28 years training can get a bit monotous.  What I do is throw a kinds of little nuisances into the routine. For example,  I might hold the last rep of every set for 6 to 10 seconds mid way.  I might complete a series of push ups after doing my final chest exercise.  I will constantly change up the tempo.  I might use really light weights and go extremely slow trying to make it hard.  I try to change it up just enough to stimulate new growth patterns without overtraining.  Changing it up allows me to stay focused and challenged.  Doing the same ole' thing doesn't excite me.  I believe that if I only had the choice to only do the deadlift, squat, and bench press I would have quit twenty years ago.  I need more than 3 lifts.  I need to challenge myself and to create new ways of doing it otherwise I get bored.  

Daryl Conant

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