Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One thing I have noticed in the gym is that people do not know how to concentrate. I don't know if they don't understand how the exercise is supposed to be or if they just don't know how to concentrate properly. It appears that there is no connection with the person and the exercise. It as if they are just moving weights around without having a clue of what the exercise is supposed to work. When I train I try to block everything out of my head. I only focus on the task at hand. I allow nothing to interfere with my training. Connecting the mind to the muscle tasks patience and practice. This connection cannot be taught, it is something that is intuitive from within your own person. This is the difference between people who look great and those that don't see any results. I don't care what exercise you do or how long you exercise for, you won't see results unless you connect yourself to the exercise. You have to become the master of contraction. Meaning you have to take control of the exercise and not let the weight control you. You have to put every bit of energy and concentration into what you are doing to get results. I see too many people going through the motions, never challenging themselves and expecting to see results. Building muscle is an art and a science. To truly get the most out of both areas you have be totally committed to the task at hand. People who just go to the gym and push weights around are wasting time. If I don't get the stimulation I desire with an exercise each time I train I will not continue doing that exercise. My programs are so accurate that I have saved people from wasting time. When I train someone 9 times out of 10 they will be transformed. The one person who doesn't see results is the one who couldn't follow the directions and lacked concentration. I have little tolerance for those that lack focus. Never lose the mind muscle connection. Work on the synapse and light up that muscle. Not knowing how to fire up a muscle will result in years of wasted effort. Exercising using cybex type machines makes one become lazy. The person has no connection because the machine does the exercise for them. I prefer good old fashioned free weights. They are the best.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Best Back Exercise

If done correctly the pull up is the most effective way to build the back. I consider it the greatest exercise for developing the back. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to perform a pull up correctly. Doing them the correct way requires great strength. Here is how I do them.

Grab the bar a little more than shoulder width apart using a thumb over grip. The thumb over grip is better than the underhand grip because you use more of the lats than biceps. With thumbs over extend arms completely, bend your knees to keep your feet from touching the floor, look down toward the floor to start. Now begin pulling yourself up, at this time you begin to look up toward the ceiling. Try keeping your arms as straight as possible without bending the elbows, just bring the chest up to meet the bar. When you can no longer raise any higher you then bend the arms and continue to move toward the bar. Try to touch your lower chest area to the bar. Now drop your elbows in toward the sides of the body, squeezing the back hard. Hold contraction. Your torso should be parallel to the floor with your head back. Release the elbows and come back down slowly. As you come back down look down toward the floor ending back at the starting position with arms fully extended.

This way of performing a pull up is very demanding and not everyone can do them. If you can do them like I described your back will grow to new heights. Give it a try.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Genetics Dictates

The following is an Excerpt from my BOOK InVINCEable

you can purchase InVINCEable™ on my website

Genetics plays a big part in the success of the True Natural Bodybuilder. As I said

before everyone can bodybuild to their own potential, however, some people are just

blessed with superior genetics which makes gaining muscle easy for them. The less

fortunate person with average to poor genetics has to work harder to make substantial


Genetics are the cellular codes that are in each cell of the body that computes what we

look like, how the cells work and how long the cells in the body will survive. In each cell

is the DNA that is a set plan for our life. The DNA is a matrix of chromosomal strands

that dictate what a person looks like, how tall they will be, how much muscle they will

have (fast twitch/ slow twitch fibers), lung capacity, hair color, eye color, etc. From the

moment we are conceived to the day we die our body is stuck to this underlying genetic


Genetics will dictate how long we live and how healthy we will be during our life. The

genetic codes that lie within us all have a certain time associated with them. The cells

of the body have a certain life span. Every second of our life cells die and are

regenerated, this is known as cellular replication. Cellular replication is an ongoing

process. The older we get the less cells regenerate, this is the aging process. For

example, skin cells are not as abundant as they were when we were younger so the cell

number is reduced causing the adverse effects of aging to be seen in the wrinkling and

stretching of the skin. Did you know that it takes three hundred and sixty five days (one

year) for the body to completely replicate itself? As each cellular replication cycle

passes the genetics of the cells is revealed. Some people who have great genetics

may be able to restore and replicate cells faster and more abundant that others, making

the appearance of being young at an older age more apparent. People with poor

genetics may have a family history of heart disease and diabetes starting at the age of

forty. A person in this family is more prone to developing these conditions as the forty

year mark approaches. The genetic codes are written to cause heart disease or

diabetes at a certain age. All a person can do to combat the onset of these conditions is

to reduce the timing of the genetic code release. Exercise and proper nutrition and a

healthy lifestyle can help reduce the aging effect and possibly help reduce the triggering

of the genetic code that is responsible for breaking down the pancreas or heart, but

eventually the systems will cease. Genetics will always win in the end. No matter how

healthy a person is, there will come a day when the genetic codes will be ordered to

shut down the cells. Death is inescapable. Our cells have already been given the

time of their death the moment we were conceived. Unfortunately, some people do not

get to live out their full genetic potential because of premature death caused by external

factors (accidents, war, etc.) If you get to live a long life then feel blessed that you possessed good genetics.

My grandmother lived to be ninety-five years old without exercising or worrying about a special diet.

Goes to show that genetics dictates how long a person lives.

So what does this mean for the True Natural Bodybuilder?

It means that genetics play a big part in how much muscle you will gain and how your

body will look (symmetry). Some people have a bigger upper body and thin lower

body. No matter how much they train they may never have a balanced body. Also,

bones come in different shapes and sizes. Some people have long thin bones, while

others have short dense bones. Body types are categorized as ectomorph,

mesomorph, and endomorph. Whether you are an ectomorph (thin lean body), a

mesomorph (muscular, stocky) or an endomorph (thick bone, heavy set) is determined

in your genetic coding. If you are an ectomorph does not mean that you will not be able

to put on muscle size. You might not be able to put on muscle as easily, as say the

mesomorph, but you can still put on muscle with a little work and the right training and

nutrition program. What everyone needs to understand is that muscle attaches to the

bone by tendons. People with long limbs, thin bones are more prone to have long

muscle and tendon attachments, therefore, the muscle is limited to how deep the

contraction can be produced. Usually those with long limbs have small muscle bellies

and longer than normal tendons attaching to the bone. The tendon is attached more

distal on the radius. Tendons are very strong and they produce much of the contractile

force before the muscle gets hit. For example, when an ectomorph does a bicep curl,

they are already at a disadvantage because of the length of their limbs, the bicep

tendon does three-forths of the movement. It isnʼt until the last quarter of the exercise

that the muscle actually gets to initiate the myosin/actin crossbridges to fully engage.

This is why people with long tendons and short muscle bellies have such a hard time

putting on thick muscle. Ectomorphs are not designed to carry lots of muscle, however,

with proper training and nutrition they can develop a good looking physique. An

endomorph needs more discipline and commitment than the other two body types.

The mesomorph is the genetic superior when it comes to bodybuilding. The

mesomorph are the body types that are born with a muscular body. Muscle develops

easy for these types and in some cases people that have a mesomorphic build often

times do not even workout and they have great looking physique. The reason for this

high concentration of muscle is because of long muscle bellies and short tendon

attachments. For example, looking again at the bicep muscle, the tendon is attached

closer to the proximal part of the radius. When the arm begins to curl the weight, the

tendon contracts and force is generated. The tendon only does one quarter of the

movement allowing the muscle to contract fully three fourths of the rest of the

movement. Therefore, the muscle bellies are longer allowing the muscle fibers to get a

better complete contraction.

At the other spectrum are the endomorphs, they are the ones that are more prone to

gaining excessive amounts of weight mostly being in the form of fat. These body types

are constantly battling their weight. Of the three different body types, the endomorphs

have the hardest time of maintaining a well defined muscular body. Not to say that the

endomorph canʼt develop a great looking physique, however, to keep a well defined

physique takes a considerable amount of discipline and commitment than the other two

body types. In my opinion I feel that not everyone is a strict body type, I believe that we

all share characteristics of these body types. Some people may be classified as being

in the middle of ectomorph and mesomorph body type and still have the ability to

develop a phenomenal build. Look at Frank Zane he had a great physique and was not

extremely heavy like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold falls into the mesomorph with a

slight endomorph make up. If Arnold did not take steroids to help him stay muscular he

probably would have had a high percentage of body fat and looked more like a power

lifter than a bodybuilder. As you can see, body types are not always clear cut. Genetics

are the written codes of the body. We all differ in certain areas and these differences

will determine who will have more muscle.

I feel strongly that most of the reasons why people have such a hard time putting on

large amounts of muscle naturally is because of the complexity of their cellular make up.

I believe that we all have different levels of ATP production, the organelles can only

grow to a certain size, bone size (calcium storage differs from person to person),

anaerobic and aerobic enzymes are regulated to grow only so big, action potentials are

determined by the conductivity of the central nervous system, hormone levels, oxygen

levels, blood volume, amount of total number of muscle cells (fast twitch/ slow twitch),

muscle attachments, tendon length and placement on the bone and pennation of

muscle fibers, amount of hormonal secretion occurring naturally in a personʼs endocrine

system, more red blood cells, greater digestion absorption, greater liver hydrolysis. All

of these functions, tissue and systems all play a part in the total production of muscle

growth. There is not just one factor that influences muscle growth it is many. For those

that have no problems with putting on muscle could have greater calcium storage and

perhaps have a longer period of ATP production which keeps calcium outside the

sarcoplasmic reticulum allowing troponin and tropomyosin to keep the filaments

attracted to each other longer? Or they could have a higher number of total muscle

cells and have huge anaerobic enzymes that allow for better sugar metabolism. There

are so many different scenarios that could be the reason for why people can get so

muscular while others canʼt. You can only gain as much as your genetics will allow.

Excerpt from my BOOK InVINCEable

you can purchase InVINCEable™ on my website

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sugar Addiction


Why do so many people crave sugar? The answer is because they crave stimulation. Sugar is a powerful substance much like heroin. Once you get a little taste it is hard to abstain from it. When sugar is ingested it automatically sets off the brain and creates a feeling of well being and produces a calming affect (false serotonin boost). This boost wakes up the endrocrine system, releasing hormones in the blood. This short energy boost takes away "the pain" or empty feeling a person may have. People who suffer from any of the following; loneliness, sadness, depression, anxiety, boredom, insecurity, social incompatibility, anger, not having enough sex and fear can easily become addicted to sugar.

When people are stimulated through physical means or are emotional balanced tend not have the craving for sugar. This is because they stimulate the endrocrine in a healthy and normal fashion. Those that aren't getting enough stimulation tend to resort to sugar to help give them a boost. People who are lonely and are not in a physical relationship tend to crave sugar because they are trying to fill a void in their life. Sugar excites the brain in the same manner as having an orgasm during sex. This is why so many lonely people crave sugar. Depressed people crave sugar because they are in search of a boost. Their central nervous system is down and they try to boost it up by ingesting sugar. Unfortunately, this boost is only temporary and they end up staying depressed.

Sugar comes in many forms. Alcohol is a sugar that most everyone enjoys. Alcohol addiction and sugar addiction are very similar. They both provide a drug like effect to the brain and body. Whenever a substance alters homeostatic physiological patterns of the brain or other systems then there is a problem. Once a person discovers ways to change their physiology they tend to gravitate toward those methods for boosting their systems. Stimulants such as; coffee, candy, sugar tend to boost the central nervous system. Where as, alcohol depresses the central nervous system. Sugar is a very powerful substance. For some folks they will battle with it their whole life.

Another downfall from ingesting too much sugar is its effect on the brain chemical brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF helps with the development of new brain tissue. Without BDNF the brain would not survive. BDNF creates new neurons. When you consume too much sugar the less BDNF is produced. This can cause insulin resistance. If insulin resistance becomes chronic then diabetes can develop. By ingesting large amounts of sugar in any form (fruits, candy, alcohol, etc.) you increase the risk of developing metabolic deficiencies.
It is hard to break from ingesting sugar because of the powerful effect it has on the physiological processes of the body. Eating sugar is a big part of many people's life. I am convinced that the damage sugar does to the neurons of the brain is the reason for so many of the psychological disorders and brain disease that we are seeing today.

What to do

* Control intake of sugar throughout the day.
* Find healthy outlets to stimulate central nervous system
* Get control of your emotions


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daryl Conant's Ab System COMING SOON!!!

I have developed a revolutionary Abdominal Training System that works. I will be releasing this system to the public in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!!! If anyone is interested in this system you can email me at


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Counting Calories To Lose Weight Is RIDICULOUS!!!

Calories are only a measurement of heat. Calories are not a physical substance. Most people I come in contact with are all concerned with counting calories. They tell me how many calories they eat a day to lose weight. When I tell them that they should be concerned more with how many vital nutrients they are consuming, rather than wasting time counting calories, they look at me like I just fell off the turnip truck. At my book signing I introduced a new product "raw revolution food bars". These bars are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 oil. The nutrient value is amazing. They are raw, which means they have not been cooked or processed. They are a bar that I will endorse, because it ties into my philosophy. Anyway, I had these bars at the book signing and this couple came to the table and picked up a bar. The women looked at the label and said " oh these have 200 calories, too much for me" and then put the bar back onto the table. I asked her "200 calories??? But the bar is loaded with nutrients and the calories don't matter. The enzymes of the body will break down the nutrients to be delivered into the bloodstream. The sugars in the bar are low glycemic, which will not turn on the insulin system. These bars are a fantastic snack." The lady replied, "no I am only allowed to eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight and this bar will put me over my target range." I asked her, " so it doesn't matter to you about feeding the body with dense nutrients, you are only concerned with calories." Yes, said the lady. I then asked her, "can you show me a calorie?" She said she has no idea what a calorie is. All she knows is that she was told that she has to only take in 1200 calories to lose weight. I asked again, "so what about ingesting nutrients?" She replied, "it has nothing to with it." So you could eat anything you want as long as you only take in 1200 calories, I said to her. Yes! I can eat donuts, potato chips, pizza as long as I don't exceed the 1200 calorie mark. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I said. Eventually, I was able to explain to her how the calorie method doesn't work. Needless to say she ended up buying my book.

I feel that most people have no idea how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, or why they need to eat. It fascinates me on the ignorance of the American people when it comes to nutrition. The truth is, is that it is all about vital nutrients to feed the vital nutrient exchange system, not calories. Calories are exploited by the media. I wrote "diet EARTH" to help people understand the truth of food works in the body and that it is more important to take in real usable nutrients rather than being concerned with calories.

Just for the heck of it I counted up all the calories that I ate in one day. I read the label of each thing I ate. According to the calorie method I take in on average 7000 calories a day. "OH MY GOSH!!!!! Daryl you are crazy, you are going to die. You are going to be fat!!!!!". said a person once I told them how many calories I take in. I asked them if the calorie idea worked so well then I should be fat and on the verge of dying from eating this many calories a day. Yet. I remain at 4% body fat, and am able to maintain my muscle mass without any problem. I told the person, "I never count calories I don't believe in it. I only count nutrient amounts." I know how much vitamin B, C, D, E, protein, fat, low glycemic carbs and minerals I need a day to maintain my muscle. I only care about ingesting the best organic nutrients."

It seems that society is constantly in a battle with stupid ideas that never seem to work. The calorie idea is a great way for the media and food companies to make money. More magazines sell if they say "weight loss" or "Low Calories". More food sells if it says low calories. People will buy low calorie food regardless if there are no nutrients in it, just as long as it says low calorie. "Hey honey, I found us healthy donuts. This donut only has 20 calories, which means it is healthy for us." This is usually the way Americans think. They could care less that the donut is loaded with cancer producing agents, and that the vital nutrient exchange system will be compromised of getting nutrients, which will in turn cause a catabolic effect to occur. Muscle is used to provide protein to the VNES and fat metabolism ceases. The person gets fatter from eating the 20 calorie donut. Unfortunately, this is the great American way of believing that eating foods that have less calories is actually a healthy thing to do.

The bottom line is that: I don't care what nutritionists,dieticians, doctors, or Billy Bob says about calories. I don't agree with that way of thinking and I will stick with my belief that eating true natural organic dense nutrient foods are what we should be concerned with.

In my book diet EARTH I discuss in much more detail how calories are bogus and how eating nutrients is the key to health.


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Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank You

I would like to thank of those that came to my book signing. The event was well attended. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support. I truly appreciate all of you. Thank you.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Vince's Gym Sign Coming To Kennebunk

This is a picture of Vince who is the older guy on the right. I have no clue who the guy on the left is. But you can see the sign behind them. That is the sign that I now own.

Hi everyone,

I am now the proud owner of the original Vince's Gym Sign. I am very excited to have this piece of history. It means a great deal to me. Vince's Gym was the mecca for bodybuilders for over fifty years. And to now have the original sign that so many legendary bodybuilders and actors stood in front is just awesome. I know it was hard for the previous owner of the sign to part with, but he can rest assured that I will take great care of it. Personally, I believe that something of this historical value should be in a museum. If you want to see it come on down to The Fitness Nut House. It is very cool!!!

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