Friday, October 29, 2010


Nutrition is essential to metabolism. Every individual required a specific amount of food to meet theirmetabolic needs. The amount of calories is dependent upon the change of body-composition you desire.
To achieve fat-loss, negative energy balance must be present for fatt-loss to occur. However, the negative energy balance must not  fall below the requirements of the basal metabolic rate. When the basal metabolism receives all of the necessary fuel requirements, it can function efficiently enough to burnthe unneeded fat stores.
When calories are eliminated or reduced to a level below what is required by the basal metabolic rate,the diet will have an adverse effect on the individual's body-composition and health.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cell Manipulation

In order to achieve the result you want with exercise you must understand the premise behind changing the body.  The body is made up of billions of cells. These cells all have a particular job to perform.  To create change you must manipulate the cells to force them to work in a different way than what is normal against the DNA coding.  Meaning you have to force new growth patterns.  Essentially what we are doing when we exercise is containing cells.  If we don't contain cells then the cells get out of control and begin to grow in bigger in the wrong places.  This is especially true with fat cells.  Muscle cells don't increase in number but they can shrink and /or grow depending on the activity level.  So my point is that in order to change the cellular structure of the body you must know how to manipulate the cells to get the result you want.

Bodybuilding is a great way to manipulate the cells  to make them look a certain way.  Bodybuilders are concerned with developing muscle cells.  When training correctly they can metabolize off unnecessary fat cells. For example, it is knowing how to activate the abdominal muscle cells without increase the size of them. Big abdominals is not desirable for the bodybuilder.  Knowing how to create more cells in the shoulders and chest and back to create a more dramatic physique is important for the bodybuilder.  It is knowing how to activate the muscle cells in the legs to create them bigger and with definition and shape.

Many people exercise and have displaced cell development. They don't seem to know what they are doing they just move weights around and do lots of cardio. It seems they don't care about symmetry or aesthetics, they just exercise for the sake of exercising.  I see this alot with bootcamp style classes and aerobic classes and PX90 type classes.  They are all good forms of workouts but they are all about doing as many exercises as possible using many different forms of training.  I call these types of training programs "displaced cellular manipulation" activities.  What this means is that the exercises work the cells in synergistic patterns not isolated form.  So the result is whatever you end up looking like is what you look like.  You could get lean but you might sacrifice bicep size because you performed too many abdominal exercises, or you might lose the v-taper and have a more blocky look to your torso.  Because the way you trained has dispersed the cells to areas that is being over emphasized.  Yes! the person has lost body fat and increased their lean body mass, but they have no symmetry.  I see many guys who are functional training advocates.  Functional training is a great way to train if you don't care about having a bodybuilders physique.  Most of the time functional training produces great results in core stabilization, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, neuromuscular efficiency which is all good.  But the cellular recruitment patterns through functional training end up making the body look average but nothing like a bodybuilder.  You can develop great strength and endurance with functional trianing exercises.  This type of training is great for athletes.  Football is a great example; football players train hard and are concerned with developing as many muscles cells as possible for greater strength, power and protection.  They are not concerned with having a small abdominal area. They train for their sport and not necessarily for symmetry or aesthetics.  Some of the running backs have huge powerful legs while their upper body is muscular but doesn't match their legs.  They are more concerned with building strong legs. So the cells of the legs have to manipulated in a different way to produce this result.

If you are just concerned with metabolizing fat and increase lean body mass then just about any type of resistance training program will do that. But if you want to look a particular way then just doing exercise for the sake of it won't always produce the look you are after. You have to manipulate the cells and to train them in a way that gives the area more shape or less shape depending on your goals.  You might have big arms and little shoulders. This will make you look out of proportion, so you would have to build the shoulders more and maintain the biceps.  You have to look at each muscle group and decide how to work it. This is why I love bodybuilding.  It is all about creating a work of art through the use of science.

The other day I had a person come into my gym and pretty much slam bodybuilding and bodybuilders. She told me that gyms were a waste of time and bodybuilding is stupid. She believed that we all need to be outdoors exercising and running.  She said "why would anyone want to do an isolated bicep curl, it goes against nature. When does a person ever have a need to do a bicep curl?"   I didn't agree with her about that we should all be outside running around and that gyms were a waste of time.  And I told her that bodybuilding is all about cellular manipulation and developing a body into a work of art with symmetry and aesthetic appeal.  Not everyone wants to have a stringy, non-defined, average looking physique. Bodybuilding exercises are not something you are going to do outside the gym in a functional way. They are isolated exercises that manipulate the muscle to grow in a certain way.

If you want to exercise and do a bunch of different types of training that is great.  But if you want to really change how your body looks in terms of symmetry and aesthetics then you must perform the correct exercises and know how to train the muscles accordingly to get the result you desire.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Own Theory

I believe that in order to obtain more muscle size that you have to increase the bodies blood volume.  We have all felt the wonderful muscle pump that is a benefit of weight training.  The pump is simply blood rushing to the worked muscle tissue. The blood delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscle to help with the tissue damage.  The more blood you pump into the muscle the greater the contraction and the bigger the muscle gets.  When the muscle fills with blood, the blood vessels and capillaries increase in size to accommodate the surge of blood. More fluid and substrates are able to get into the muscles to rebuild.

How do you increase the blood volume.  This is done by diet.  Drink plenty of water and up your iron intake. Spinach, red meats, broccoli and green leafy vegetables, and dessicated liver tablets will produce more blood.  When you eat these foods you will notice that when you weight train your muscles will be really pumped and full looking. This added blood volume will help you keep the muscle active.

Poor diets and lack of exercise decreases blood volume and tissue size.

So I believe that a key component of building muscle size is to increase the bodies blood production.  Now go eat some red meat, take a handful of livers, and a down a big bowl of greens.  Create more blood.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Training For A Particular Sport

I started weight training when I was 12 years old to condition for baseball.  I was naive and ignorant about training back then.  I ended up doing bodybuilding and power lifting type exercises because that is what everyone else was doing. Back in the early 80's there wasn't much talk about sport specific training.  It seemed that most of the athletes were training like Arnold and didn't train for their sport.  During college  my concentration was on bodybuilding.  I trained specifically for bodybuilding and the results I desired developed.  Then one day a mother approached me in my college office  and asked me if I could help her daughter train for basketball.  The year was 1991 and the internet had not been developed yet. All we had was books in the library.  There wasn't much information about training for different sports. It seemed that most of the books were basic in ideology and concentrated more on calisthenics than weight training.  I took on the basketball player and decided to do some different things with her.  It didn't make sense to train her like a bodybuilder, so I trained her like a basketball player.  I took her to the track and had her do many different drills.  Sprinting, plyometrics, lateral work. In the weight room I had her doing exercises that would activate greater fast twitch activity for jumping and explosive power.  My experiment worked and she excelled the next season.  After working with her I got more clients. And they all had different needs. So I integrated the correct exercise prescription for each of them.  As the years passed sports conditioning has become the buzz in the fitness industry.  Little did I know that what I was doing with those athletes would be the gold standard of training athletes today.

The idea is not new, train for your sport.  I am a bodybuilder so I bodybuild. If you are a baseball player then you must train for baseball etc.  There are many athletes that are misguided and end up wasting time with training incorrectly.  I decided after my baseball career that I wanted to continue with bodybuilding because I enjoy the lifestyle and benefits.  I remember a conversation I had with Frank Zane.  He asked me what types of exercises I was doing.  I told him that I was experimenting with some gymnastic exercises in conjunction with bodybuilding exercises.  He said " are you a gymnist or a bodybuilder, you can't be both."  I then realized that he was correct. Gymnastic type exercises will develop the muscles differently than isolated bodybuilding exercises.  So needless to say I went back to strict bodybuilding exercises.

If you are a bodybuilder then train for bodybuilding.
If you are a baseball player train for baseball.
If you are a skier train for skiing. etc, etc, etc.


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Unique Bosu Exercise

Hi Folks,

Though this is not a bodybuilding exercise it is fun and can challenge you cardiovascular system. It is good to do if you are bored with the same old cardio.  I suggest doing it for a warm-up.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vince Gironda's Body Drag Curl Performed Correctly By Student Daryl Conant

This video is for those that are signed up for Daryl Conant's Online personal training program. To sign up goto and goto training. The cost is $25.00 per month. Daryl will design a nutrition and exercise program to help you get results. These videos will be exclusive to online clients only.

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Keeping the Muscles Filled Up

When we exercise we are alterating and manipulating our sympathetic tone to improve the systems of the body.   If the goal is to just improve the systems responsible for the physical aspects of the body, then exercising in a progressive manner will work. However, for the bodybuilder it is more involved.  In order for muscle to get bigger there must be an influence in the neural output and muscle fibers. Building muscle is no easy task.  The muscle must be worked to a point where protein synthesis increases.
Over-working a muscle will cause protein inhibition.  The bodybuilder must know how much is enough.  Also, for muscle tissue to grow there must be a greater volume of blood pumped into the area. A person can train all they want but without increased blood production and volume their efforts are fruitless.  Consuming the right foods and supplements will help produce more blood.  The more blood that can be pumped to the muscle means that the muscle can be nourished better.  Greater oxygen, vitamin, mineral, protein, fat and sugar metabolism improve as a result of greater blood volume.

Once the muscle tissue is built up the key is to sustain it.  The body is in a constant state of breakdown.  The cells of the body are somewhat lazy.  If they can rest they will.  If they can shrink they will do whatever it takes to shrink.  It is much harder to keep muscle tissue active and full then it is to become atrophied and deconditioned.  This is why I consider  true natural bodybuilding (not the drug induce bodybuilding) to be the  hardest sport to do.  The true natural bodybuilder has to balance all facets of life, training, supplementation, nutrition precisely everyday to maintain their physique.  It is so easy to become complacent and lazy. That is the nature of the human.  The real challenge is to tear down the tissue, rebuild it and then maintain it.  Think of it like this,  the muscle is like a balloon with a small pin hole in it.  You pump up the balloon and it remains tight and full as long as the air is in. After you blow it up and tie it off, the balloon will eventually deflate due to the small pin hole. The balloon gets pumped up again once you add air to it. This is much like building muscle. You pump the area up with blood and oxygen etc.  Then during the recovery phase the muscle slowly begins to shrink.  When you train again the area gets pumped up.  This increase and decrease cycle is always taking place. The science behind bodybuilding is figuring out a way to keep the muscle pumped up without losing all the "air".  This is where true bodybuilding techniques take place. By knowing how to train and how to manipulate the muscle tissue is the answer.  You have to figure that for every 10% of tissue you activate through progression and intensity of exercise that you end up only producing 1% of actual gain.  This is why it takes natural bodybuilders longer to make significant gains.  It is all about discipline, frequency and tissue manipulation.  The key is keeping more air in the balloon longer and knowing when the right time is to pump it back up before it totally atrophies.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Daryl's Bosu Pitch Back

Here is a unique exercise for baseball players or anyone interested in doing something fun and different.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Dynamic Warm-Up

Hey Folks,

Here is a simple dynamic warm-up to prepare your body for weight training.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

An Effective Hamstring Stretch Using a Flexband

Here is a great way to stretch the hamstrings, abductors and adductors using a Flexband. Always begin stretching using a dynamic pattern. This allows for blood and oxygen to flow into the muscle to warm the tissue. Stretching statically without proper warming up can result in injury.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ring Push Ups and Flyes

Hi Folks,
Here is a simple exercise to break out of a rut for building the chest. Doing the same ole exercises over and over will eventually produce nothing. It is important to figure out new ways to stimulate the neural pathways of the muscles to initiate new growth. This exercise will help rejuvenate your workout and provide a great pump to the chest. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed.

Hey Roberto (River Dance), welcome to the blog.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am proud to announce the up coming release of The InVINCEable Exercise Video Series.  We are finishing up the final editing and formatting process.  There are so many exercises that we have decided to break the series up into 4 discs.  In the videos I demonstrate all the exercises that Vince taught me.  These videos are a companion to my book InVINCEable™.  We will be selling the videos individually per body part or as a set.  There are over 60 exercises.

I would like to thank Video Creations for helping me with this project.  I am very excited about its release. There is no video like this out there.  It is one of kind...

If you are interested in this product, please send me an email and I will make sure that you will be among the first to recieve it. 

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Proof My Methods Work

I was messing around one day and decided to post a video of myself doing some poses. Even though I am out of shape in this video I wanted to show that I stay pretty close to contest condition throughout the year. To really get in shape I would need to 12 weeks. I just wanted to show that my methods work. This video was done 10/11/10. This video was shot pre-workout. I was curious to see what I looked like before I trained. Seeing myself cold is a good indicator of what I need to work on. I am a bit out of shape here, but considering I am sleep deprived and have been out of sync with my training schedule for the past few months (this is due to my baby girl waking up during the night, making sleep difficult), I am still not far away from being where I want to be. It is proof that my methods work. Vince Gironda always told me that a man who knows how to train doesn't need to take drugs. He would always be willing to take off his shirt anytime of year to show that his methods worked. He would say, "let's see those steroid freaks during the off season take off their shirts and see what their award winning bodies look like, fat and bloated. Also, let's see what all the science experts look like." I always admired Vince's challenge and follow that same approach. Let's see the experts of today who are natural take off their shirts to see what their programs have done for them. There are many power lifters that I know that can talk all the science they want but when it comes down to having a good looking physique they look terrible with their shirts off. I don't care about bench pressing 500 pounds, or deadlifting until my nose bleeds, if you look fat and bloated with puffy abdominals like a bull frog then I don't want to follow your program. I have stuck with Vince and my programs for over twenty-four years because they work and they provide the results that I desire. Anyone can write a program, but the proof is in the physique. If you prescribe exercise programs and don't follow them yourself then how can you be credible? I don't want to take advice from some fat dude who's claim to fame is bench pressing a toyota camry. He is a fat dude, plain and simple. I want to learn from someone who actually lives, breaths, and sleeps what he teaches-- true natural bodybuildin. My programs work and that is the bottom line.

This video (even though I am out of shape) proves that I stay pretty close to my peak throughout the year. I don't believe that we have to put on a lot of extra weight during the off-season. I believe that we have to only stay within 5-8 pounds of our contest weight. That is what Vince taught me, and I think he knew what he was talking about.

Also, I challenge the owner of the gym that was built 200 yards from me to take of his shirt to show us what his programs are doing for him. I don't think he would have the same result.


If you are interested in online personal training please visit my site at
or click on the link below the "In a Nutshell". Thanks for visiting.

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Rotator Cuff Care

Here is a video blog on on how to take care of the rotator cuff. I had to split the video into 3 parts. If you have any questions about these videos please email me at

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weight Training For People over 50

Weight training has been around for many years. I believe that if you want to see the fastest and best result you must incorporate resistance training into your program. Everyone can benefit from weight training. There are many methods of resistance that can be performed to increase the anaerobic properties of the muscle but nothing beats good ole fashioned dumbell training. Dumbells are helpful for providing added resistance that you can't get from just body weight exercises. Dumbells provide greater stimulation. The greater the stimulation to the muscle the bigger the anaerobic enzymes become. Anaerobic enzymes are the sugar enzymes of the muscle cell. The more efficient these enzymes become, the more sugar you can store in muscle and less in fat.

As we age the muscles atrophy (shrink), hormones deplete, lung capacity becomes more shallow, oxygen saturation decreases, bone becomes more brittle, joints become more dehydrated. In order to combat this effects of aging it is important to exercise regularly and correctly. In order to maximize your efforts you don't have to workout for hours. In fact, 10-20 minutes a day is all you need.

Here are my recommendations:

If you belong to a gym and have never performed resistance exercises. I suggest that you use machines that isolate the muscles. Fixed isolated exercise machines are safe for the beginner. They also provide varying resistance to allow you to ease into the movement without over doing it. Also another benefit from starting out using machines is that the body can begin to establish the neuromuscular circuitry. The synapse from the brain to the muscle needs to be developed in order to gain greater recruitment of the muscle fibers. This is how strength is developed. Beginners are de-conditioned and aren't ready for the more challenging exercises. Machines provide a safe environment and resistance to develop the higher levels of motor synapse. Here are three exercises are essential for a beginning machine program.

1. Seated or lying chest press
2. Seated Back Row
3. Lying Leg Press

These three exercises is all you need to begin with. You start with one set at 85% maximum weight. Then eventually you work up to 3 sets. Perform this workout three times per week. Follow up the weight training with a brisk walk for 12-15 minutes. That is it for beginners.

Now for the moderate level. ONce you feel that you have established some fundamental strength and neural control you should move into a more challenging program. It would be good to wean off the machines and incorporate free weight exercises (barbells, dumbells). Dumbells are a great tool for instantly increasing resistance. There are many great exercises with the use of dumbells that you can perform. That is the great thing about weight training, you can constantly change up the program to stimulate new growth patterns. Using dumbells and barbells instead of machines forces the higher brain center to work harder to maintain control. This will increase the caloric output. Also, it begins to stimulate the proprioceptors of the tendons and muscles to help with balance. Here is a moderate level program.

1. Lying Dumbell Chest Press
2. One Arm Dumbell Row
3. Seated Lateral Raise
4. Seated Bicep Curl
5. Tricep Dumbell Kickback
6. Dumbell Squat

Perform 3 sets of 12 Reps. Followed by a brisk walk for 12-15 minutes. That is it. This program will take 30 minutes to complete. That is all you need. When the exercise becomes too easy you simply add more weight or slow down the speed of the movement. You want to make sure that you have a struggle by the end of the rep cycle. If you don't struggle then it is not stimulating enough.

Now for the Advanced level. This program is designed for those participants who have had at least 3 months of weight training experience. In order to train at a high level you have to make sure that your connective tissue, nerves, cardiovascular system and muscles are well conditioned. Performing Advanced level exercises can result in injury with de-conditioned folks. The idea of the high level is to incorporate body weight exercises and balance exercises. This program requires higher brain activity and focus. Here is the program.

1. Body Weight Push-Ups (kneeling or standard on toes)
2. Modified Pull-Ups
3. Medicine Ball Single Arm Press with Squat
4. Medicine Ball Slams
5. Lateral Walk With Dumbell Chest Press
6. Dumbell Step Ups
7. Dumbell Ball Squats
8. Barbell Deadlifts
9. Barbell Clean and Press
10. Standing on one leg balance exercise.

There you have it! The advanced exercise program. It is a great way to challenge the entire neuromuscular system. You perform each exercise for 1-3 sets and 12 -15 reps. This Advanced program should last about 3 weeks. After that you will have to change it up to create new stimulation. Like any exercise program you have to change it up frequently.

For people over fifty it doesn't mean that you can't weight train, it simply means that you must train correctly. You have to train within your own limits. Not everyone is going to respond to exercise the same. You must evaluate your level of fitness and follow the right program that suits your needs. There are literally thousands of different programs out there to choose from. You must know your limitations in order to choose the most appropriate program for you. If you are interested in learning more about weight training and how to train after the age of 50 and you are in the Kennebunk area drop by at The Fitness Nut House and ask for me. I would be glad to show you more stuff.

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Modified Pull Ups

Here I demonstrate how to do a modified pull up using ring straps. You can use anything that is similar. This is a good way to work the core and back. It is also good for people who can't perform a full pull up.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Understanding Lactate Threshold

The lactate threshold (LT) is the exercise intensity at which lactate starts to accumulate in the blood stream. The reason for the acidification of the blood at high exercise intensities is two-fold: the high rates of ATP hydrolysis in the muscle release hydrogen ions, as they are co-transported out of the muscle into the blood via the MCT—monocarboxylate transporter, and also bicarbonate stores in the blood begin to be used up. This happens when lactate is produced faster than it can be removed (metabolized). This point is sometimes referred to as the anaerobic threshold (AT), or the onset of blood lactate accumulation (OBLA). When exercising below the LT intensity any lactate produced by the muscles is removed by the body without it building up. The lactate threshold is a useful measure for deciding exercise intensity for training and racing in endurance sports (e.g. long distance running, cycling, rowing, swimming and cross country skiing), but varies between individuals and can be increased with training. Interval training takes advantage of the body being able to temporarily exceed the lactate threshold, and then recover (reduce blood-lactate) while operating below the threshold and while still doing physical activity. Fartlek and interval training are similar, the main difference being the relative intensities of the exercise. Fartlek training would involve constantly running, for a period time running just above the lactate threshold, and then running at just below it, while interval training would be running quite high above the threshold, but then slowing to a walk or slow jog during the rest periods. Interval training can take the form of many different types of exercise and should closely replicate the movements found in the sport.

Accurately measuring the lactate threshold involves taking blood samples (normally a pinprick to the finger, earlobe or thumb) during a ramp test where the exercise intensity is progressively increased. Measuring the threshold can also be performed non-invasively using gas-exchange (Respiratory quotient) methods, which requires a metabolic cart to measure air inspired and expired.

Although the lactate threshold is defined as the point when lactic acid starts to accumulate, some testers approximate this by using the point at which lactate reaches a concentration of 4 mM (at rest it is around 1 mM).

If anyone in the Kennebunk surrounding area is interested in finding out what their lactate level is I perform MAX VO2 testing. I have a metabolic cart that will determine your oxygen consumption and lactate threshold. This value is beneficial for endurance athletes who are training to improve their distance and time. Also, it can also be beneficial for those that perform in anaerobic activities, such as; skiing, hockey, basketball, weight training. If you are interested in learning more about lactate testing please call visit and contact me. Thanks.

A Dynamic Stretch For The Rectus Femoris (Quadricep)

Here is a good rectus femoris stretch. I recommend doing this dynamic stretch if you have been sitting for long periods of time, or if you are getting ready to perform hip flexion exercises.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

One of the Best Bicep Exercises

Here is a great bicep exercise. You will need a well padded preacher curl stand. The pad must be rounded not straight like many of the commercial preacher curl benches are. The rounded pad is much better on the joints and allows for a complete stretch of the biceps. Plus the rounded pad helps assist more leverage on the humerus.

Grab a straight bar a little past shoulder width. Keep the thumb on the same side as the fingers. Now drape your arms over the bench and get your arm pits as snug as possible on the bench. You don't want any gaps under your arms and pad. Your arms should be in complete extension, and you should feel a tremendous stretch on the biceps. Now curl your wrists then curl the barbell up toward your chin. Get the bar under the chin and contract the biceps really hard to force them into a cramp. Now return the bar back down to the starting position. Make sure not to cheat at all, take the pain as the bar goes down. This is the best part. AT the bottom uncurl the wrist and go back into a full extension. Now curl the wrist again and then the bar. Repeat this until you can no longer do the exercise. Try doing 4-5 Sets of 8 Reps. I guarantee you will get an incredible pump. Remember you can only do this on a rounded preacher bench all other preacher benches will wipe out your elbows.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Honest Workout

Folks! There is nothing more gratifying than the honest workout. The honest workout is training hard, concise, strict and real. When I started bodybuilding I knew that most of the bodybuilders of that day were on drugs. I never set my sites on looking like those idiots. So I didn't develop false hopes and aspirations from the start. I am fortunate enough to have learned about genetic potential and training for the pure enjoyment of it, rather than having to worry about having to look like something that wasn't real. I probably should have been living back in the 1940''s-1960's. My philosophy and training style matches those that trained back during the golden years of bodybuilding. I actually bodybuild and live the lifestyle. Many of the so called bodybuilders of today are only passing through as posers. They don't live the wholesome, honest, disciplined lifestyle. All they have to do is go to pharmacist Joe and get their prescription. They are bodybuilders in a bottle.

I was messing around on youtube the other day checking out the bodybuilders of yesteryear and present. I have to say that it is a shame that true natural bodybuilding is not as popular as the drug bodybuilding. Steroids ruined the true hope for most guys. The expectations to get beyond huge is too much to fathom for the upstart. It is much like the white 5' 8" male who plays high school basketball. The chance of this kid making it to the NBA is probably one in about a zillion. No matter how hard he tries he will never be a NBA superstar. This is much like bodybuilding. Many guys start out training believing that they will look like Arnold, or the freaks in Muscle and Fitness magazine. They are told that if they eat right and train hard that they will grow huge. They soon find out that this is not the case and that the work is too hard and the results are too small. They either end up quitting the idea of bodybuilding, or end up doing harmful drugs to get the desired look. This is the problem with bodybuilding today. It is rare to find true honest bodybuilders. I hate looking at the bodybuilders from the 70's to now. Most of all the top guys from all those decades took steroids. These guys were the ones that so many guys over the years have aspired to look like. They were all mislead into following guys who were not real.

Over the past couple of days I have done an investigation on where the so called super stars of the past are and what they have been doing. Most all the guys I looked up don't even train anymore. They look nothing like they did and they don't even live the lifestyle anymore. They have completely removed themselves from their former self. It is as if they only did bodybuilding to get to the next thing in their life. Once they got to that point they just stopped training. It was all an illusion. These were the guys that most of us back then wanted to look like and be like. They seemed to be the ultimate in living the bodybuilding lifestyle. But it was all a bunch of deceit and lies. These guys don't even bodybuild anymore. Through my investigation I have to say I have not found anyone who is a "guru like" character. There are no true devoted teachers of bodybuilding any more. It seems that the only teachers are the ones that are currently messed up in all the hype of drug building. The names today will be gone a year from now.

One interview that I saw was about a guy stating that you have to be in your twenties and thirties to obtain muscle. And that anyone over the age of forty is done with building muscle. I totally disagree with this. Natural bodybuilders can keep building for years. They will keep their physique as close to peak for years. It is all about training smarter.

For me it is all about training within my own genetic potential and training the muscles hard. There is nothing like an honest workout. Seeing my body change from the exercises that I do is fantastic. There is no drug that can simulate that feeling. That is what bodybuilding is to me.

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