Thursday, December 17, 2009

Am I Wasting My Time

I often wonder if anyone reads this blog or am I just wasting time. I know there are 14 people following this blog because they signed up for it. Sometimes it takes me 45 to write a blog. If no one is reading them then I don't want to waste my time writing them. It would be nice to know how many people are actually reading these entries. If you get a chance could you please sign in to this blog as a follower. It would give me a reason to keep posting articles. Thanks.


  1. Hey Daryl,
    Please, keep writing in this blog!!!!!! I happened to stumble across it when I was trying to find out what hours the gym was open at. Because of this blog, I have found myself daydreaming at work, pondering the thermogenic effect, interval training, etc. I am even in the process of getting rid of caffeine in my diet, which the blog helped further my resolve to do. Anyway, keep it up because its extraordinarily valuable! I will be asking you tons of questions soon!
    The Frog Man

  2. ps, do you read anything by the Dalai Lama?

  3. I am an 18 year old athlete and the blog is very informative to me. Keep it up!

  4. Sorry Daryl. I normally don't sign in when I read your articles. I'll check out your blog an average of twice a week. Thanks for taking the time to write all these very informative articles and writing them at a level I can understand.

  5. I love your blog. I signed up for your newsletters maybe 2 years ago. I live out of Maine, considered joining your gym for the summer and have unfortunately never done so. I love hearing your insights about health and especially nutrition. I am a personal trainer and feel that my nutrition training is very lacking. Keep it up. I will come in and say hi some time! (Not while it's freezing in Maine, however)

  6. Hey Daryl...

    Just found your blog and recently saw you in one of the Gironda DVDs I purchased. Please continue writing. You are a great source of inspiration in my training.