Friday, January 1, 2010

This Is Not The Neck Press and This Is Why I don't Power Lift

I found this video and it supports my philosophy. Power Lifters are not body builders. This guy if fat, bloated, has no symmetry, no definition. Everything I am against. No doubt he is a strong bastard and could eat me for lunch. But I would never want to look like that. This is what so many guys want. They are concerned with the "how much can ya bench" mentality. I could really care less if I could lift 1000 pounds. It doesn't change the world, or produce a cure for cancer, or doesn't make you rich. It is just an ego event that in my opinion is pointless. I believe that the regular bench press is not a chest exercise. It is mostly anterior deltoid and tricep. Power lifters drop their elbows down extensively arch the back and use their legs to lift the weight. I like the pure isolation of working the muscles without eliciting any other muscle to help with the movement. That is why I enjoy bodybuilding exercises over power lifting exercises.

For me it is all about health, nutrition, and being defined year round with every muscle defined razor sharp. When I worked at the United States Olympic Committee I didn't have my regular gym set up and had to conform to olympic lifting. My body began to change. I developed tremendous strength but my body looked terrible. My ass was getting bigger, my abdominals were getting thicker, my joints ached all the time. My muscles had developed painful trigger points. I hated how I looked. I looked like a power lifter not a bodybuilder. Once I left the USOC I got back to body building the way I knew and I got back to being ripped and symmetrical again. If I am less than a man because I can't bench press 500 pounds then whatever. But I would like to see a person who can bench press 500-1000 pounds train the way I do and see how they would do. I believe they would have a whole new perspective on training.

It really made sense to me when my ego got the best of me. One day I was training and decided to do back squats for the fun of it. I was able to squat 550 pounds for 4 reps. Being 185 pounds I felt pretty good about my feat. I was all excited to tell my wife when i got home. I said, "Joy I just squated 550 pounds for 4 reps! What do you think of that?" She said with little enthusiasm as if she was annoyed, " that is great honey, now go take out the trash and put your kids to bed." It was at that point that no one really cares. I didn't get any money, no television deal, no professional sports contracts, nothing. It meant absolutely nothing. Nothing changed in my life. Who cares? I thought to myself. For me it is all about symmetry and honest training.

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