Friday, July 29, 2011

Full Range

One of the mistakes I see the young guns making in the weight room is that they don't go through a full range of motion when lifting.  Not going through the full range of motion will set up for injury.  This is because the muscle and tendons shorten and there is too much internal pressure in the joint capsule.

About a year ago I made a quick little youtube video of myself performing the Gironda Dip correctly.  It was amazing the response I received. Many guys were slamming the exercise. One guy emailed me and told me to stop performing the exercise and to stop teaching it to anyone because it will ruin my shoulders.  I have been performing the exercise for over 24 years and have never had a shoulder injury.  I attribute it to full range of motion and muscle/tendon flexibility.  If you have never performed a Gironda Dip and try for the first time without proper preparation then you are at a high risk of developing an injury. Your tendons will be tight and the joint capsule will be at risk of damage.  You have to work into it.

It is important to perform all exercises through the full range of motion.  You want to get as much activation from the crossbridges as possible.  When you work through the full range of motion you are also performing a dynamic stretch to the muscle, improving your flexibility.  You are at a greater risk of developing injury if you only perform partial movements.

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