Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Any man can be a father but it takes a REAL MAN to be a DAD.  Having a child is the greatest experience in the world.  The birth of my two boys (and soon to be another) are the two greatest moments of my life.   There is nothing more beautiful on Earth than to experience the birth of a new born baby.  Seeing the birth of my boys confirms my belief in God.   How can any man be an atheist once they experience the birth of a child is beyond me.  

For me the greatest responsibility as a man is to nurture God's greatest gift, the creation of life. Anyone can have a kid but not everyone is strong enough, intelligent enough, loving enough to be a true parent.  I have little respect for the clowns that get a girl pregnant from a night of being on a drunken binge.  There are too many messed up people in this world that are the result of impulsive drug and alcohol induced altered states of unconscious people that have sex.  It is a shame that many newborns are not necessarily wanted by those that conceived them.   

To be a Dad takes a strong man, who is intelligent, caring, giving, selfish less, loving, a teacher, provider, responsible, protector, role model.  I strive every day to possess all of these qualities.  Recenlty my wife Joy and I found out that she is pregnant.  I am very excited about it.  My life has always been about challenges.  I like to challenge myself to push further into greater levels of life. Some people view having kids as a burden or detriment to their lifestyle. This is bogus. These people should never have had children to begin with.  I find that having kids is  the greatest gift a human can receive on Earth.  To be able to extend the human race and to be apart of the circle of life is what life is all about.  

To achieve greater consciousness the human spirit must be challenged beyond what we know.  Fear is a cramp in consciousness that hinders human growth.  Selfishness is an act of insecurity.  When we are selfish we tend to build a wall of safety around our ego to protect ourselves from fear.  We feel better when we know that we are in control of ourselves.  The thought of having to step out of our comfort zone and to take on the responsibility of taking care of another person promotes deep fear in many humans.   Once you break away from the fear and accept the true purpose of life then you can begin to experience greater levels of consciousness.   People get stuck at a certain level and never progress any further.  They don't have to have children to get unstuck.  But sometimes when experiencing something so magical occurs it snaps a person out of unconscious selfishness and wakes them up to a greater purpose.  This is what happened to me.  I love babies and having a family.  I wouldn't change my life for anything.  I am truly blessed.  I love you Joy, Perrin, Avery and baby to come in December.  Thank you for making me a better person. 

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