Friday, February 13, 2009

Looking Good Depends on 85% Nutrition and 15% Exercise

To look good is all about how you eat.  Nutrition is the utmost important part of looking good.  You can exercise all you want, however if you do not know how to eat correctly you are wasting your time. In my opinion I feel that most American are malnourished. They don't take in the correct amount of carbs, fats and proteins.  Adequate amounts of protein have to be ingested on a daily basis in order to repair and rebuild body tissue.  Failure to get enough protein in will result in loss of your own muscle tissue.  This is one of the biggest problems I see with people.  They come to me for help and they are obese.  They tell me that they exercise every day and can't seem to lose the weight. I tell them that exercise is only a metabolic booster and produces heat which can help burn off the fat, but they have to eat correctly to help the the thermogenic effect.  YOU HAVE TO EAT PROTEIN AND FAT, WITH MODERATE LOW GLYCEMIC CARBOHYDRATES. Timing of food following exercise is crucial.  There is a small window of opportunity for the muscle cells to remain permeable allowing fat, protein and sugar to enter.  Once the muscle tissue cools down the permeability is shut off, turning off fat metabolism as well.  To learn more about how to eat I suggest that you set up a time to meet with me. I charge $ 45.00 for a nutrition consultation.  I will teach you the proper way to eat to start seeing a change in your body. 

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